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At AVAM Solutions, we have developed a 5 stage sourcing cycle which captures the key stages in the procurement & category management cycle

We believe passionately in this 5 stage process because it has been proven to work time after time in reducing business costs and adding value

DATA - we will analyse your spend, identify your stakeholders, assess the market dynamics and levels of competition in the supplier industry, develop a summary of business requirements

STRATEGY - we will analyse the above data using procurement models to help determine the most appropriate strategy, we will help you articulate this strategy via a strategy document

NEGOTIATION - we will provide support or lead the execution of this sourcing strategy, whether that is RFP, e-Auction, traditional negotiation, supplier development or collaboration. 

TRANSITION - we will guide your organisation through the changes needed to transition from one supplier arrangement to another, managing exits and introductions seamlessly, overseeing a robust communications plan, updating ERP systems and ensuring the new arrangements are formalised via a robust contract

RELATIONSHIP - once the relationship is established, we will work with you to ensure that your organisation gets maximum value from the arrangements, we will monitor performance and encourage innovation to ensure that you remain one step ahead of your competitors. And if or when you feel it might be the right time to look at the market once again, we can support you once more.

Whether you want support with just one aspect of the sourcing cycle or are looking for someone to manage the full process for you, we can help you


If you are looking for some training on this process, either as a refresher or to upskill your team, so your team can confidently  follow these steps themselves, we can help you.


If you want to benefit from the incredible value that e-auctions can deliver but lack capacity in the team or access to the software licences required, we can help you.



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Our Services

Our Services

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